As with previous Middleware conferences, Middleware 2018 will host a number of high quality workshops. Please refer to the workshop websites below for submission deadlines, topics, and contact information. All workshops will be held before the main conference on December 10th (Monday) and 11th (Tuesday).

ARM: 17th Workshop on Adaptive and Reflexive Middleware
ARM aims at providing researchers with a leading edge view on the state of the art in reflective and adaptive middleware, and on the challenging problems that remain unsolved.
DIDL: 2nd Workshop on Distributed Infrastructures for Deep Learning
This workshop focuses on the tools, frameworks, and algorithms to support executing deep learning algorithms in a distributed environment. As new hardware and accelerators become available, the middleware and systems need to be able exploit their capabilities and ensure they are utilized efficiently.
M4IoT: 5th International Workshop on Middleware and Applications for the Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating new services and applications across various domains, including smart electricity grids, intelligent transportation, healthcare, smart homes, and energy management. This workshop focuses on (i) the middleware to compose IoT applications, services, and devices; and (ii) the applications built on top of such middleware.
MECC: 3rd Workshop on Middleware for Edge Clouds & Cloudlets
The Middleware for Edge Clouds & Cloudlets (MECC) workshop aims to address the increasing need for closer integration between the different tiers on modern cloud computing platforms.
SERIAL: 2nd Workshop on Scalable and Resilient Infrastructures for Distributed Ledgers
This workshop investigates system support to foster resilience and scalability of decentralized infrastructures such as distributed ledger ecosystems but also addresses resilience support for more traditional Internet-based services.
W-GCS: 1st Workshop on GDPR Compliant Systems
The goal of this workshop is to provide a common forum to discuss the new research challenges being raised by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and worldwide.
Birds-of-a-feather session: Distributed Consensus and Coordination in Hardware
Coordination among nodes is becoming an increasingly limiting factor for scaling large-scale distributed systems. Aiming to increase throughput and to slash latencies, there is growing interest in using specialized hardware for this task. The purpose of this session is to discuss informally what emerging workloads could benefit from this type of acceleration and, maybe more importantly, how such specialized solutions can be integrated with the rest of the software stack and applications.
Doctoral symposium
The doctoral symposium provides an international forum that gives PhD students an opportunity to present and discuss their research with their peers and with a panel of expert mentors from the middleware field.
The 8th INRIA/Technicolor Workshop On Systems will be co-located with Middleware (registrations are free but mandatory)